Trivechain (TRVC) is a games and entertainment public blockchain protocol managed by Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) which focuses on games and entertainment to enter the new era digital age with the implementation of blockchain-based technology and DApps (decentralized applications)

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TRVC Desktop Client

The official TRVC core that have full feature including Direct Send, Exclusive Send, TriveGovernance and Masternode Setup.


Direct Send

Instantaneous transactions

Exclusive Send

Privacy protection payment system


A trust-less time-stamping proof of existence service


Applications can be built and transacted on the TRVC network ensuring that the application exist on a server-less state


A platform for asset issuance with options to include metadata for the need of business logics


The decentralized autonomous organization that will shape and decide the future development of Trivechain


We welcome anyone to develop on this public chain

Ji Sheng Tan

Ji Sheng is the Lead developer of the Trivechain protocol focusing on developing the future roadmap of Trivechain.

Edmund Lim

Edmund is a Data Scientist who focuses on the development of the Open Data and Trive Stamping Architecture.

Jacky Lee

Jacky currently focuses on the usability and improvement in terms of the usability of the products in Trivechain Ecosystem.

Kah Wai Chooi

Kah Wai is the core developer since the genesis of TRVC with more than 10 years of experience in technology consulting projects.

Ang YC

YC is the core developer worked on the decentralized wallet with custom TriveAppStore protocol.

Prof S B Goyal

Prof S B Goyal is the Dean at Faculty of Information Technology in City University of Malaysia. With the experience, he is guiding the roadmap of the public chain.

Mary Chew

Mary currently focus on use cases of TriveApp and support the Trivechain community on using the technology.

Justine Yong

Justine currently focus on use cases of TriveApp and support the Trivechain community on using the technology.

Arpita Chopra

Currently pursuing Masters in Data Science, she has helped support the Trivechain community on using the technology.

Zumi Shahardin

Zumi is the go-to person when you have problem with using the Trivechain Technology because she is the one that will answer all your questions.