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Trivechain Core v2.2.0.0

Make LLMQ works. Masternode started signing quorum and make transaction direct send. However, we require at least 400 active masternodes for chain lock to be implemented.

1st November 2019 00:00 GMT+8 will render all older protocol as invalid hence everyone should update this version.

Trivechain Core v2.1.1.0

Make LLMQ smaller. All nodes should upgrade to this version

Trivechain Core v2.1.0.0

The Biggest update for Trivechain is coming to Trivechain Blockchain on October 2019

PoW Algorithm Changes ( October 2nd, 2019 00:00:00 GMT+8 )
Our continuous effort to fight against ASIC lead us to fork our hashing algorithm from X16R -> X16Rv2.
All official mining pool will change the hashing algorithm automatically when the time arrived.

Trivechain Core v2.0.0.1

We are happy to announce the release of TRVC 2.0. In this version, the bootstrap is not required.

Trivechain Core v2.0.0.0

We are happy to announce the release of TRVC 2.0. This release includes bootstrap blocks and binaries, which can be downloaded below.

1. Major Rebranding of Trivecoin -> Trivechain.
2. The PoW Algorithm has changed from X11 to X16Rv2 to promote mining among common users that are using GPU and CPU.
3. The collateral of the Masternode has changed from 1,000 TRVC to 10,000 TRVC
4. The average block time has changed from 2.5 minutes to 1 minute
5. The block reward has changed from 10.8 TRVC per block to 25 TRVC per block after the fork at block number 226655
6. Block Rewards Governance portion from 10% to 30%.
7. The PoW and Masternode remain 60% and 40% after putting aside the Governance Reserves.
Note: There is a period of time with a little block mined due to the difficulty bomb from X11 ASIC to X16Rv2 GPU from block 226649.
Kindly use the bootstrap of blocks by copying the block.dat to the .trivechain folder.

Trivechain Core v1.3.0.0

The last build before Hard Fork